*2017 Kilroys List | 2017 PlayPenn Conference | Winner 2016 DVRF/OHenry Productions Prize | Finalist 2017 Goldberg Play Prize

Samira and Greta lead a peaceful life. They have their own clearing in the woods, their own hut, and their son Kalil to keep them laughing.  When Kalil returns home one day without their water rations, however, Samira and Greta find themselves in conflict with their local political leader. Set in a tense segregated society, Thirst is a complex look at race and love in war-time.


*Finalist for 2017 New Works Festival at Kitchen Dog Theater | Winner 2016 Open Bar Theatricals First Round Fellowship

Marge is a photographer, and her wife Tiffany has been her sole photographic subject for seven years. When Tiffany goes on a month-long hiking trip to get away from it all, both women are forced to question everything from their professional and personal past to the true meaning of a moment captured in time.


Keyonna Summers is a sixteen years old, extremely close with her older brother Samuel, and dreams of a better tomorrow. When brother and sister find themselves on the brink of eviction, however, their tenuous life on the edge of the poverty is forever changed by a few hundred dollars, a pretty girl, and a famous Hollywood actress. 


Curtis "Moon-Man" Landry is man of many titles: husband, father, gambler, thief, and, presently, incarecerated crinimal. So when folks start spotting him around the neighborhood, his children can't help but wonder, which version of the Moon will come knocking at their door:  the enemy they all believe him to be or someone entirely different?

mother tongue

*Finalist, 2016 Goldberg Play Prize

Cassidy and Bea are getting married and they've carefully planned a small, uneventful wedding weekend. When Cassidy's younger brother arrives, however, the wedding comes to a crashing halt.  Standing on the border between her past and her future, Cassidy must decide what she values most: her origin story or the love of her life.


*Winner, 2012 Dr. Floyd Gaffney Playwriting Award on the African American Experience

When a town is shocked by the  disappearance of their neighborhood songstress, one family must face the fact of a father's infidelity, a mother's unwavering love, and the two daughters caught in the middle.