How Do I Internet Again?

Hello out there!

So it’s recently come to my attention that I’m not the best at updating this here website of mine.  If you know me personally, that shouldn’t be surprising.  On a typical day, devices and platforms for social interfacing are the last thing on my mind. It’s often why I text folks back the next day, email back two or three days later, or regularly gab at you about a news article that you already digested and tossed a week ago.

I know.

I’m working on it.

This negligence aside, however, the current theater season has been one filled with great gifts, so I didn’t want it to wind down without me cataloguing some of that here.

I’m currently winding down the final months of some really wonderful fellowships and playgroups.  I am a 2016 Van Lier New Voices Fellow at The Lark alongside my insanely talented co-fellow Donja R. Love.  It’s been a fantastic year, filled with writer’s retreats, play workshops, and more table reads than I can count.  Most notably, I completed a studio retreat of my play Waitin’ on the Moon back in December, directed by the lovely Jade King Caroll and featuring a really wonderful and talented cast. I also wrote a new draft of my play The Climb (the first was with Open Bar Theatricals) and began a completely new play called all the natalie portmans, that I am very excited about.

Additionally, I’m winding down a 2016-2017 Dramatists Guild Fellowship and membership in The Civilians R & D Group.  At the Guild, I’m completely re-writing my play Mother Tongue (formerly titled By and By) under the guidance of Diana Son, Sheri Wilner, and the many talented guests the Guild drops into our meetings.  With The Civilians I am writing a new play currently titled elroy learn his name, which takes a peek into the world of juvenile imprisonment and Black families through the lens of an accomplished American journalist.

All these happenings considered, I’d say it’s been a busy, busy year since graduating from good ole NYU, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for all of it.  I’m learning more and more about my voice as a playwright, meeting wonderful artists and collaborators at every turn, and constantly reaching for the next opportunity.

So to all who read this, and all who’ve made this year great, thanks for your time and energy!

Til next time,

C. A.