Farewell Graduate School!

Last night I completed the final portion of my MFA degree, and I'm feeling pretty excited and terrified for next steps! More than anything I want to thank the cast and director of my reading for their time and the love they showed my work.  This play feels like it's become a part of my body at this point, so watching it grow before me thanks to their stupendous work was an indescribable feelings.  Suffice it say, the theater is magic and I hope to work in this world with such magnificent artists forever.  

Below I've included the program and a photo of me with the most wonderful cast I've ever worked with.  This way, I never forget this step toward the future.  This way, I never forget that indescribable feeling and continue to seek it forever. 

Farewell to this incarnation of Thirst, and I can not wait for its continued life *fingers crossed*.