Just finished up a writer's retreat with The Lark up at New York Stage & Film, and have to say it was a refreshing and artistically full escape from the big apple! Spent six days up on the Vassar campus with the eclectic group of artists pictured above.  Myself and playwrights Nathan Alan Davis, Lauren Yee, Abby Rosebrock, Donja R. Love, and Christopher Oscar Peńa got the opportunity to write and share in daily workshop sessions focused on discovery and forward movement. Our work was helped along with the generous support of actors Zoe Chao and Aaron Costa Ganis as well as dramaturg Ignacia Delgado and Lark facilitators John Clinton Eisner and Andrea Hiebler.

To put it plainly, this retreat was a dream. It offered me my first chance post graduate school to really dig into rewriting and fine tuning a new play.  With the help of all these wonderful folks I've begun a new draft of Waitin' on the Moon. I cannot wait to work out some of the kinks of draft one, as well as discover what else is possible for these characters.  

Up next, I'll start the residency based work of my Van Lier fellowship with the Lark.  The exact specifics of what I'll be doing and what folks can attend are still forthcoming, but it's sure to be a wonderful year no matter what! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy Sunday to all!

Farewell Graduate School!

Last night I completed the final portion of my MFA degree, and I'm feeling pretty excited and terrified for next steps! More than anything I want to thank the cast and director of my reading for their time and the love they showed my work.  This play feels like it's become a part of my body at this point, so watching it grow before me thanks to their stupendous work was an indescribable feelings.  Suffice it say, the theater is magic and I hope to work in this world with such magnificent artists forever.  

Below I've included the program and a photo of me with the most wonderful cast I've ever worked with.  This way, I never forget this step toward the future.  This way, I never forget that indescribable feeling and continue to seek it forever. 

Farewell to this incarnation of Thirst, and I can not wait for its continued life *fingers crossed*.